Sarcoidosis Soldier


If there is one thing you get good at when you have a mysterious medical condition, it’s the art of waiting. So much about having sarcoidosis is a waiting game. You have to wait in many a doctor’s office. You have to wait for test results and lab work. You have to wait for the doctor’s call. You have to wait for a proper diagnosis. You have to wait to see if treatment will help. You have to wait to find out if you’ll go into remission or be chronic. You have to wait to find out how disruptive the disease will be…what it will take and how it will change your life.

Waiting can be maddening and worry becomes a bitter enemy. It must be guarded against. We cannot make ourselves crazy with “what ifs”s or “maybes” or “could bes” because anything can happen with this disease and when…

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