I’m up for business on Tuesday!

This should be a very interesting tax season that starts on January 20. The IRS will start accepting e-filed and paper returns. The biggest challenge this year will be the filing of forms related to the Affordable Care Act. LLWE Business Services Plus is ready to handle clients who are claiming the Premium Tax Credit. The IRS is encouraging taxpayers to go online to get answers to their questions, get transcripts of past returns, check the status of their refund, etc. because they have fewer bodies to answer the customer service phone line.  And as usual, tax season ends on April 15.

For the record, I am a participant of the new IRS program called the Annual Filing Season Program, where the IRS encourages tax preparers who are not CPAs, Enrolled Agents and lawyers to take continuing educations credits on a voluntary basis. There is supposed to be a database of tax preparers in AFSP on the IRS website, but to my knowledge it is not out yet. I hope they get this database out soon, because they are having a campaign encouraging taxpayers to choose a tax pro carefully.


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